For over 17 years Pippa's Guardians has provided high quality, genuine and personalised
care for International Students studying in the United Kingdom.
Welcome to Pippa’s Guardians

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pippaPippa’s Guardians provides a high quality Guardianship service for students who attend boarding schools in the UK and whose parents live overseas. As a family run company, we have built a reputation for offering a personalised service, by taking a genuine interest in the welfare of the students we look after. Pippa’s Guardians has a network of caring host families throughout the UK, who provide a warm welcome and a safe environment for our students when they need a ‘home away from home’. Furthermore, our core focus at Pippa’s Guardians is to create a strong working relationship between the parents, schools, host families and the students, enabling overseas parents to feel confident in the knowledge that their children are safe and well cared for which includes access to a 24hr emergency contact number.

Pippa has owned and operated Pippa’s Guardians since 1997, recently she has partnered with her son Ben Hughes and they are assisted by Fiona Hinchliffe, Debbie Lennard and Jane Tuthill.

Pippa’s Guardians is registered and accredited by the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) which is the regulatory body for guardianship services in the UK.

Why choose Pippa’s Guardians?

  • All host families are personally chosen by Pippa’s Guardians, having met strict accreditation requirements and are matched to each individual student.
  • 17 years guardianship experience.
  • Personalised, high quality care with a genuine interest in the academic and personal development of the students during their time in the UK.
  • Regular visits from Pippa’s Guardians to create a caring, supportive and encouraging environment for the students.
  • Intimate knowledge of the boarding school system through Pippa’s extensive experience as a nurse and Registrar at The Elms and Cheltenham College (both boarding schools) and 17 years as a Guardianship service.
  • Localised guardianship service with emphasis on the student’s wellbeing and educational success.
  • 24/7 emergency contact ensures the children are well cared for regardless of the time or day.
  • AEGIS accredited.



“I think that Pippa’s Guardians have been a great help to me and my family. My brother and I have been really well looked after and supported throughout our years by both Ben and Pippa Hughes throughout our time at boarding school. Any question was answered, helpful advice was given and any assistance was provided instantly and I am very thankful for that and it has helped me to gain a place at my University of choice.
Dana Bolot.

“My two sons go to the UK at the age of ten. My thanks to Pippa’s Guardians is beyond description. Both kids grow both physically and mentally under her instruction. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to send their children overseas to Pippa’s Guardians.”
Dr. Chang, Yun-Lan. Taiwan.

“At the very beginning of the first school year, we met Pippa personally. This gave us a truly positive feeling that our son was not lost in a foreign country in case of an emergency. Moreover, Pippa visited my son regularly to ensure that he excelled at an academic and social level. She was in contact with his teachers and me continuously over the two years and has been invaluable to my son’s success in the UK”
Dr. Juergen Neumann. Berlin.

“Pippa’s Guardians is a very efficient and reliable guardianship company. It is really assuring for us parents to know that Pippa’s Guardians is close to our children whilst we are thousands of miles away. We feel that we could talk to her about any concerns and we value her advice very much. Pippa’s Guardians enjoys taking care of the children. We think this is the single most important reason when choosing the guardian.”
Mrs Situ Liu, Shanghai

“We have entrusted our child for five years with Pippa’s Guardians. During this time we have developed a sincere and genuine relationship. During these years, our second child became a pupil at Malvern College and we are thankful to Pippa’s Guardians for a great choice of a Prep School, which helped our son successfully pass his Common Entrance exams and progress in his English. We believe that choosing Pippa’s Guardians was a great and worthwhile choice and we thoroughly recommend any parent to do the same.”
Bolot & Asel Isabekov, Kyrgyzstan