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The Application process

 Here’s how the Guardianship application process works:

  1. Correspondence with Ben Hughes: We understand that this is a very important decision to make and that you will have lots of questions. This first stage takes as long as you need to be certain that Pippa’s is the right Guardianship service for your family.
  2. Complete registration form: When you have decided that you would like to use Pippa’s the next stage is to complete a Registration form giving us important information about your child and confirming that you agree with our terms and conditions.
  3. Area Manager introductions: Once we have received the agreement we will introduce you to your Area Manager.
  4. Confirm Guardianship with School: At this point you will need to confirm with the School that you have appointed Pippa’s Guardians. If we don’t already have close links with the School we will introduce ourselves to the School at this stage too.
  5. Appoint host family: Next we will match your child with one of our host families close to the School and send you information about the family.
  6. Preparations: We will make all the necessary arrangements for all family members coming to the UK, co-ordinating travel and accommodation as well as uniform purchase and so on.
  7. Meet & greet: The Area Manager will come to meet you in person. Wherever possible, they will also arrange a meeting with the host family.

 Once your child is at School our on-going programme of visits and support starts.

We have entrusted our child for five years with Pippa’s Guardians. During these years, our second child became a pupil at Malvern College and we are thankful to Pippa’s Guardians for a great choice of a Prep School, which helped our son successfully pass his Common Entrance exams and progress in his English. We believe that choosing Pippa’s Guardians was a great and worthwhile choice and we thoroughly recommend any parent to do the same.

Bolot & Asel Isabekov, Kyrgyzstan,
Parents to Daana and Isken, Malvern College

24/7 Emergency Contact Number: +44 (0) 7721 372865

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