Why choose Pippa’s Guardians?

We understand how difficult it can be to give your child the opportunity of studying overseas. The trust required to put your child on a plane to the UK (and the courage required to get on it) is appreciable. We know we can’t possibly replicate what you do as parents, but we do promise that we will be the next best thing to a parent we can be, and provide the vital link to enable you to continue as parents from afar.

The Pippa’s difference lies in our values. We go the extra mile because we care about the students we look after, not just because it’s our job.

The Pippa’s difference lies in the small details. Like all Guardianship companies we will keep your child safe and support him or her in an efficient, timely way. But our commitment extends beyond that to the broader support we will give your child in achieving his or her potential. It might be arranging a quiet host family in the holiday before exams, or smoothing out teething problems with homework. It could lie in buying new shoes when feet experience a sudden growth spurt or going to watch your child perform in the school play. It might simply be a question of storing luggage and large musical instruments over the summer holiday.

The Pippa’s difference lies in finding out what will make the difference to your child’s experience in the UK.


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My two sons go to the UK at the age of ten. My thanks to Pippa’s Guardians is beyond description. Both kids grow both physically and mentally under their instruction. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to educate their children overseas to use Pippa’s Guardians.

Dr. Chang, Yun-Lan. Taiwan.
Mother of Andy Chang, Cheltenham College.

24/7 Emergency Contact Number: +44 (0) 7721 372865

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